# About

Hey there! 👋 I'm a software developer/devops engineer and creative making things that impact individuals and let people realize their ideas and creative visions.

I currently lead development of the Eternagame research project run out of Stanford University, a Citizen Science game that allows anyone to contribute to research in biomedicine just by playing.

In addition to my technical interests, I also love to create in many different forms - I'm a horn player, composer, AFOL, and occasional graphic designer, 3D artist, and writer. I love experiencing art, creating those experiences for others, and supporting others in doing the same.

# My Focus

In the work I do, I have a few key interests:

  • Supporting research, helping scientists and other researchers learn more about our world and create innovations that allow everyone to have a better quality of life
  • Arts and digital media, supporting everyone who has unique ideas to realize their vision - particularly in games, animation, and music.
  • HCI, developing new modes of interaction that optimize the benefits of technology by improving the way we interact with them.
  • Information management, collaboration, and archival, coming up with ways to improve workflows that allow individuals and teams to do their best work, and preserving irreplaceable information and creative works to allow them to be used and enjoyed in the future.
  • Education, empowering kids (and people of all ages) in their development and building skills that allow them to realize their full potential - particularly in alignment with the WEF Education 4.0 framework: student-focused, student-driven, active-participation experiences building skills in innovation, technology, and interpersonal relationships.

You might also see me combining these areas - digital media development as a mechanism for skills development, creative tools, citizen science, scientific discovery games, and so forth.

# Why Luxaritas?

Luxaritas is the handle I've come to use across my digital identities. This name came by merging three Latin words - lux, caritas, and alacritas. Roughly translated (this was before I took Latin, and my Latin still isn't very good) it correlates to three key things I take to heart: light (making the world a better place), passion (putting my heart into everything I do), and love for all (always treating everyone with respect and dignity).